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Ultraflex™ 2 - 18 Four types of PVC/Thermoplastic hose/ducting are available in a spectrum of different compound combinations for a wide range of job-specific applications. Its flexibility, compressibility, toughness, weatherability, and resistance to chemicals and abrasion extends its usefulness for dozens of difficult, awkward applications. Industrial vacuum systems, transfer of plastic pellets, dry bulk material handling system, agricultural products, lawn and garden, including chip handling, leaf and grass loading; Venting systems for chemical fumes, dust collection, exhausting gases, air movement; Ventilation, light material handling, internal cooling and venting of computers.
FlexKing® 1 - 24 Good flexibility, lightweight and crush resistance are characteristic of the nine types available. All are impregnated with neoprene and due to the method of construction, the fabric completely encloses the wire helix For hot air handling, fume control, dust collection, and light materials handling in the chemical, electrical, food, mining, paper, textile, utility and lumber industries.
Tuftex® 1 - 16 This series of four products is the only one of its kind in the ducting industry that borders on a general purpose hose. It features an integrally vulcanized rubber liner and cover with external corrugation to give maximum flexibility, yet maintaining a smooth bore. One series for handling of wet or dry materials and may be used for gravity, positive or negative flow. Another series for transmission or liquids, grindings, and contaminated air, as well as an air intake hose on over or off-road equipment, buses, farm machinery, and trucks. Another type designed for gravity, positive and negative applications in abrasive bulk material handling usage and temp ranges of -40F to 250F. The other type handles leaf suction applications.
Cyclone® 5 - 30 This eight product series is designed for all types of large air volume and fume control applications. It's exceptionally flexible, lightweight, and compresses neatly for easy storage. Will not rot or mildew. Has all sewn construction. Excellent for portable blower applications, temporary ship construction ventilation, welding fume removal, utility manhole ventilation, and portable heaters.
Neoflex® 1 - 16 Lightweight and flexible, this two product series is designed for moving hot (up to 300F) or cold (-65F) air handling and fume control. Suited for conveying fumes and air.
Silflex 1 - 16 Lightweight and flexible. Designed for high and low temp air handling applications (-80F to +600F). Product is excellent for close quarter applications where duct can snake around obstacles. Typical applications include aluminum and glass manufacturing fume removal, engine compartment air handling, turbine engine bleed air duct and paper processing equipment.
Tuftex® GVR 2 - 6 Lightweight and flexible for easy handling and hook-up. Neoprene cover resists abrasion, weather, oil, gasoline and gasoline vapors. Helical wound reinforcing wire provides negative and positive pressure strength. Remains flexible to -40F. Designed for petroleum-refinery terminals,


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